All Grain NSW members have signed our Code of Ethics promising to be professional and honest in their business dealings. Our Code of Ethics assures buyers, suppliers, government and other stakeholders dealing or intending to deal with us that we will operate in a fair and ethical manner.

Our Code of Ethics

  • Members of Grain NSW shall abide by all relevant Government laws.
  • No member shall offer, sell or promote the sale of any product or service by means of any explicit or implied representation which is likely to have a tendency to deceive or mislead prospective purchasers of such product or service.
  • No members shall imitate the trademark, trade name, corporate name, slogan or other mark of identification of another business in any manner or form that would have the tendency or capacity to mislead or deceive.
  • Members shall honour all contracts entered into in accordance with the details recorded in the “RMSA or NACMA Contract Form”.
  • All aspects of a contract entered into by a Grain NSW member shall be explicit and clearly defined and shall be explained to the other party to the contract to avoid subsequent misunderstanding and to ensure contract performance.
  • Fairness shall characterize all dealings between a Grain NSW member and their client. To the extent reasonably appropriate under the circumstances, a Grain NSW member shall give notice to its client of any contractual breach and grant reasonable time to remedy default.